Brad Widdup to Train at Platinum Park

Tara Madgwick @breednet



Jadeskye Racing and Platinum Park are excited to welcome Mr Brad Widdup to take over the helm and establish himself as a trainer in his own right.



Platinum Park is s state of the art horse training facility at Hawkesbury


Brad Widdup needs no introduction, as his presence amongst the racing fraternity is widespread and well respected, his experience, his knowledge and his horsemanship are second to none and as many know, his contribution and loyalty along with results he achieved with the Darley/ Godolphin Empire speaks for itself .

Brad Widdup will be accompanied by his wife Milissa Widdup who is also superbly credentialed within our industry and a fabulous horse woman herself . 

"Brad Widdup is to be granted his trainers licence in the near future and therefore will be supported by Jadeskye Racing's horses along with any outside horses that wish to be trained by Brad Widdup at Platinum Park," said Damion Flower of Jadeskye Racing.

"I believe he will be a great asset to our industry and will also be a great trainer in his own right in time to come.

"Platinum Park would like to thank Mr Blake Ryan especially for his dedication, hard work and contribution to Platinum Park over the past two years and I'm positive he will make a great impact straight away teaming up with his father Mr Gerald Ryan and will be supported by Jadeskye Racing in doing so."

Mr Brad Widdup's commencement @ Platinum Park will be Monday 8th May 2017 and anyone wishing to enquire please contact Brad Widdup on 0417 253 177 or Milissa Widdup on 0433 018 633 .